The Clover increases the bullet level by 1 for the rest of the game round, with a maximum level of 70.


 The Magnet attracts all items and coin, bringing them toward the Guardian.


 The Mushroom doubles the Guardian’s bullets for a limited time.


 The Rush Flower allows Guardian to become invincible, and to destroy all enemies within their path.


 Purple Gems are worth 10 coins.


 Red Gems are worth 20 coins.


 Aqua Gems are worth 40 coins.


 Treasure Chests contains a lot of Gems!


 Boss Raid Energy drop from bosses in the normal game mode.


 Time Freeze slows down time for a brief period of time.


Speed Rush activates immediately after purchase and allows the Guardian to charge ahead and

destroy everything in battle.


Arcane Blast mows down all enemies with ease, including Meteors!