There are six different types of Elements for Sidekicks:









The Elements on the Sidekicks provide 50% bonus damage on certain bosses:

Monster King (Normal) is weak to Shadow 

Mildred (Nature) is weak to Fire 

Fluffy (Toxic) is weak to Nature 

Monster Queen (Shadow) is weak to Light 

Spike (Ice) is weak to Fire 

Ice Queen (Ice) is weak to Fire 

In Boss Raids, certain Boss enhancements will change the weakness type:

Frozen (Ice) is weak to Fire 

Molten (Fire) is weak to Water 

Toxic (Toxic) is weak to Nature 

Dark (Shadow) is weak to Light 

Blinding (Light) is weak to Shadow 

of Doom (Shadow) is weak to Light 

from Hell (Fire) is weak to Water 


The Prismatic Element 

 is strong against all Elements, so it will provide a 50% bonus damage on all bosses.